April 4, 2018

RDI Technologies Releases Next-Generation of Its Revolutionary Iris M Product

RDI Technologies

Massive Update Disrupts and Innovates Industrial Market Iris M Video   KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – April 4, 2018 – In just the past year, RDI Technologies’ flagship Iris M product has […]

Massive Update Disrupts and Innovates Industrial Market

Iris M Video


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – April 4, 2018 – In just the past year, RDI Technologies’ flagship Iris M product has changed the way industrial and manufacturing facilities look at operations. The Iris M, through its proprietary processing algorithm, enables companies to see the invisible.

The Iris M utilizes the millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. The Iris M software converts those millions of pixels into individual data points, measuring extremely small vibrations or motions with a high degree of accuracy.  It then displays the results in an amplified video that brings the problems to life in a visual form.  Communications with plant resources is enhanced.

“The Iris M discerns what is moving from what isn’t and amplifies that motion to a level visible to the human eye,” said Jeff Hay, Founder and CEO of RDI Technologies. “By detecting subtle motion and enhancing it, the Iris M shows users where issues are developing and helps them understand the interrelationships between the machinery that create the motion. It quickly takes you from seeing the problem and moves you to a solution.

“There are no comparable products at this time. This isn’t simply a maintenance product, it’s a comprehensive manufacturing and operations solution.”

This month, RDI Technologies rolled out the Iris M software version 2.1, a massive update to the Iris M, to all its current clients.  This update puts the ability to manipulate and sort data easily into users’ hands and empowers them to solve problems that were unsolvable with current market technologies.  The Iris M has also been optimized based on customer input to ensure you can acquire, organize and troubleshoot your plant assets in a matter of minutes.

Tennessee-based RDI Technologies has experienced rapid growth that necessitated moving to larger offices and facilities three times in just three years. Sales for its flagship Iris M product have far exceeded projections every month since product launch, and the company continues to grow the resources and infrastructure needed to support its rapidly-growing customer base.

The company is releasing its second product, the CableView Tension Meter ™, for the non-contact measurement of cable tensions on cell towers this month. The new product utilizes Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) approved methods and is recognized for its accuracy, benefits to safety and decrease in time spent for cell tower maintenance by large market vendors.  The cell phone tower market is just one of many future markets for RDI’s platform technology.  With opportunities in consumer markets, healthcare, and structural health, the company will continue to disrupt and innovate markets for years to come.

“Predictive and preventive maintenance tools have been around for decades,” Hay said, “and they are good at identifying where you have problems in an industrial setting. The Iris M from RDI Technologies is the first system that takes you to the root of a problem so quickly, so that you can fix it immediately.”

For more information about RDI Technologies, The Iris M, or the new Motion Explorer update, visit rditechnologies.com.





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