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RDI Technologies equips users with a precise, leading-edge machine condition monitoring platform. It operates by turning every one of a camera’s pixels into a sensor that amplifies motion and vibration. Motion that would otherwise remain wholly imperceptible to the human eye is rendered visible. The Iris M™ platform uses Motion Amplification® technology to provide users with critical data in real-time. The component-level overview of the data can deliver a swift resolution of an asset’s root-cause issues. Iris M™ converts critical, complex data into meaningful, informative visualizations that clearly communicate critical information between technical and non-technical team members. Plus, Iris M™ technology requires no downtime for setup. With RDI Technologies, Seeing is Believing™.


Rotor Blade Testing

Changes in rotor blade concepts, design and materials make the need for testing more critical. Iris M Tach Sync offers a unique method to freeze synchronous motion of a shaft or blade. The remaining motion can then be amplified.

Rotorcraft Ground Test

Visualize the entire aircraft to ensure that components are working together as designed.

Dynamics and Structural Analysis

Drill down to regions of interest for a detailed look at vibration patterns.



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