Structures and Supports

Complete Problem Solving

Large structures and structural support elements have traditionally been very difficult to measure vibration on and troubleshoot issues. With RDI’s products, you can visualize entire structures with Live Motion Amplification® and use that data to quickly move to root-cause problem-solving. In-depth analysis can be performed on anything in the visual field, and before and after shoots can be taken while fixing elements to see if the problem resolves itself.

Tank Install

Use the Iris M as part of the commissioning process for confirmation from the OEM that all new elements are installed properly.

Complex Structures

Troubleshoot complex structures to determine if nearby vibration is causing downstream issues.

Structural Elements

Visualize and measure structural supports and walkways to ensure safety of employees.

Structural Supports

Ensure that structural supports are behaving according to specifications and that they are not impacted machinery vibrations.

Bridges and Infrastructure

Utilize Motion Amplification® to see structural vibration from impacting.



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