Test and Measurement

Superior Testing and Accurate Measurements

Industries benefitting from Motion Amplification® include R&D, defense, consumer products, universities, manufacturing, themed entertainment, space, transportation, and construction. Test and measurements are used to improve product quality, speed up the product development cycle, perform modeling and simulations, mitigate risks, and ensure product quality and safety. For example, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical device manufacturers perform extensive testing before a product goes into mass production. There are various phases of testing performed during concept design, engineering, prototyping, certification, and qualification. Test and measurements are also performed during the installation phase when commissioning products, mechanical systems, and structures. All testing is important to producer and end-user to improve product quality, speed the product development cycle, mitigate risks, and ensure product reliability and safety. RDI’s Iris Platform powered by Motion Amplification® makes test setup simple, quick, and effective without adding mass to testbeds or altering test conditions.

Microscopic Data

Visualize, measure, and track movement on a microscopic level.


Visualize movement with vectors on small machine parts like a rotor kit beam.

Overall Motion

Visualize overall motion and interrelationships on large equipment.



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