Oil and Gas

We Keep You Running Smoothly

Whether you are in upstream production or downstream refining, the oil and gas industry is critical to everything we do. Keeping your equipment running smoothly and your production downtime minimal is crucial in ensuring the supply of essential production.  Our products allow you to see piping other support systems that can’t be monitored easily with current sensor technology making maintenance and troubleshooting simple and quick.  We also enable you to troubleshoot all of your assets in real-time with videos that can be easily communicated between technical and nontechnical resources.


Ensuring proper functioning of compressors is essential in the oil in gas industry to keep production running and ensure plant safety.


Piping is often one of the most difficult assets to monitor as you can't easily attach sensors to it. With RDI's products, you can monitor pipe movement in real-time with zero contact.

Piping Movement and Phase

Track movement of piping and measure or compare phase.

Overall Troubleshooting

Determine fault in complex machines with multiple components.



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