Driving Innovation

As the Automotive industry continues to evolve with innovative technologies, designs, higher efficiency and new components, the RDI Technologies Motion Amplification® technology and Iris Platform help drive progress. At the design and engineering phase our non-contact measurement tool gives you instant results for instant decision-making. By pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future, RDI is able to measure and quantify anything a camera can see. From the manufacturing floor the Iris M is used to quickly solve problems with machines, increase uptime, and improve communication between technical and non-technical resources. RDI Technologies is working with customers across the Automotive supply chain in multiple countries on several applications.


The Iris M system is used for looking at the complex tasks of the robotics in the automotive plant as well as the supports and mounting systems for the robotics themselves.

Assembly Lines

The assembly lines are integral to any automotive plant. Each section will be about a paragraph.

Pumps and Motors

The Iris M system powered by Motion Amplification® is defining a new category of camera-based motion and vibration detection. This first-to-market platform technology is revolutionizing the way users monitor and analyze motion and vibration.

Design + Engineering

Add paragraph describing how it can be used in the design and engineering phase.

Motion Amplification® technology allowed us to identify movement in the bearing pedestal…With this knowledge and by calculating the predicted failure date the fan was proactively removed from service to repair during low load periods.
Maintenance Engineering Lead



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