Driving Innovation

As the Automotive industry continues to evolve with innovative technologies, designs, higher efficiency, and new components, the RDI Technologies Motion Amplification® technology, and Iris Platform help drive progress. At the design and engineering phase, our non-contact measurement tool provides real-time analysis which shortens the decision-making process. By pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future, RDI’s products measure and quantify anything a camera can see. From the manufacturing floor, the Iris M™ is used to quickly solve problems with equipment, increase uptime, and improve communication between technical and non-technical resources. RDI is working with customers across the Automotive supply chain in multiple countries on several applications.


The Iris M system is used to visualize and analyze the robotics' complex tasks in the automotive plant and the supports and mounting systems for the robotics themselves.

Robot Base

This facility was a robot testing facility that repaired and maintained robots used for automobile manufacturing. The Motion Amplification® videos showed that soft foot was occurring and they needed to properly secure the base.

Pumps and Motors

The Iris M™ system powered by Motion Amplification® is used on every type of motor and pump in the industry.

Design + Engineering

Motion Amplification® is used in the design and engineering phase to eliminate faults before production and ensure product quality.

Test and Measurement

RDI's products can see large-scale issues as well as small details for more comprehensive testing procedures.



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