October 7, 2020

RDI Technologies Introduces New Iris CM™ Monitoring Solution

Andrew Dougherty

RDI Technologies, Inc., is revolunitionalizing the industrial market yet again with the launch of its newest machine vision product, the Iris CM.

The Tennessee-based company, which ranked 33rd on the “Inc. 5000” list of America’s fastest-growing companies in 2019, announced today, the release of a new, fully networked continuous monitoring camera solution.

The Iris CM expands the use of the company’s revolutionary Iris platform technology powered by Motion Amplification® to new applications focused on solving the industry’s toughest problems by equipping customers with diagnostic tools and solutions to fix critical assets.

“When we released the first version of the Iris CM last year, we were dipping our toes into a market that was in need of new solutions,” said Jenna Johns, chief operating officer for RDI Technologies. “With continuous monitoring, you often get an alarm and then have to diagnose what happened by analyzing complex data. With the Iris CM, the results are an easy-to-understand video available for viewing from anywhere around the world.”

The Iris CM enables users to visualize what is happening with their equipment live, set multiple types of triggers to record events that happen when they aren’t around, extract data in the past from the continuous recording loop, and analyze the data to solve the root cause for both acute and chronic problems.

“Originally, the Iris CM was a three-camera system connected to one server that allowed you to view and analyze a single asset from multiple angles,” said Jeff Hay, chief executive officer for RDI Technologies.

“We spent a lot of time during the initial weeks of the pandemic talking to our customers about how they are using our products in the field,” he said. “From that feedback, we realized that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We took a step back and reimagined the Iris CM as a solution that is now fully customizable and networked to solve any problem our customers encounter.”

The Iris CM is the fourth product by RDI Technologies and is expected to contribute a significant amount to the continued growth of RDI—and the use of cameras as the industrial sensor of the future.

For more information about RDI Technologies, Motion Amplification®, or the Iris CM line of products, visit https://RDITechnologies.com.

About RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies is pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future because visualization is faster, safer, and makes the complex more simple. The company’s proprietary technology platform powered by Motion Amplification® enables users to see and measure motion that is impossible to see with the human eye and could previously only be measured by contacting sensors. Products combine the power of modern cameras with software to turn what used to be complex charts and graphs into easy-to-understand video data that enables users to quickly and safely solve their toughest problems and communicate the results.


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