March 3, 2022

Tools for Unmasking Conditions

Plant Services

Sheila Kennedy explores the expanding world of video and motion analysis.

Colorful Camera Lens

Situational awareness and condition monitoring are paramount in industrial environments. Visualized insights from video and motion analysis tools are helping to detect unfavorable conditions, solve equipment and process problems, mitigate safety and security risks, and avoid compliance and quality concerns.

Innovative motion analysis

Camera-based Motion Amplification® technology from RDI Technologies detects, measures, and visualizes subtle movement and vibration, enabling targeted troubleshooting and corrective actions. A new partnership combines RDI’s capabilities with the robotic capabilities of Spot, an agile mobile robot from Boston Dynamics, to provide automated route-based vibration monitoring and surveys.

“Leveraging RDI’s patented Iris technology platform, Spot can autonomously perform full vibration measurements and use Motion Amplification to turn every pixel in the camera into a non-contact displacement sensor,” says Jeff Hay, CEO of RDI Technologies, who adds that it provides a more comprehensive balance-of-plant asset condition monitoring solution.

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