October 1, 2021

RDI’s October Conferences

October is packed with conferences this year, and we’re so excited to connect with all of you at various locations. Please drop by our booth and say hi!

RDI's October 2021 Conferences

TAPPICon 2021
October 3-6

Atlanta, GA USA
Booth #392
RDI’s CEO, Dr. Jeff Hay, will be presenting in the New Technology Showcase on October 5th

October 5-7
Stuttgart, Germany

Space Tech Expo
October 7-8
Long Beach, CA USA
Booth #6046
Dr. Jeff Hay will be moderating a panel discussion on October 8th: Reducing Engineering and Manufacturing Processes Through Next-gen Testing and Analysis Techniques

Reliable Plant 2021
October 19-21
Louisville, KY USA
Booth #615
Dr. Jeff Hay will be presenting on October 19th from 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm in room M103: Motion Amplification®: A New Way to Assess Machine Vibration Issues

2021 SMRP Annual Conference
October 25-28
St. Louis, MO USA
Booth #209
Dr. Jeff Hay will be presenting from 4-5 pm on October 26th: Motion Amplification®: A Rapidly Evolving Technology for Reliability Professionals

Automotive Testing Expo
October 26-28
Novi, MI USA
Booth #15042

October 27-28




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