February 25, 2022

RDI Technologies Inc. Expands Within Eurasia

RDI Technologies

RISE logo with maps of Turkey and Azerbaijan

RDI Technologies Announces Partnership with Turkish Distributor

Knoxville, Tenn. February 25, 2022- RDI Technologies, Inc. (RDI) is announcing that RISE Reliability Solutions will be its exclusive distributor throughout Turkey and Azerbaijan.  

“RISE is a young company that was formed by a group of very experienced Predictive Maintenance professionals. Their launch has happened extremely quickly and has been exceptionally successful.  Motion Amplification® will dovetail perfectly into their already deep skill set. I am excited to have them bring their focus and passion to Turkey and Azerbaijan,” said John Vigants, Vice President of International Sales.

This new distributor addition comes after RDI announced it has new investment partners supporting its rapid growth. Being a distributor for Motion Amplification products, RISE can now assist customers with adopting and utilizing the latest technologies to its methods of practice.

About RISE Reliability Solutions

Our mission is to provide solutions to our customers predictive and sensitive maintenance needs. We implement reliability-focused maintenance strategies in an integrated manner to increase confidence that our customers equipment will operate reliably throughout its lifetime. Our experienced team assesses and applies the latest technologies to the needs of our clients.

About RDI Technologies, Inc.

RDI Technologies is pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future because visualization is faster, safer, and makes the complex simpler. The company’s proprietary technology platform powered by Motion Amplification enables users to see and measure motion that is impossible to see with the human eye and could previously only be measured by contacting sensors. RDI’s products combine the power of modern cameras with software to turn what used to be complex charts and graphs into easy-to-understand video data that enables users to quickly and safely solve their toughest problems and communicate the results.




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