June 25, 2020

2-Part Webinar Series – Motion Amplification® Technology: Applications in Machine Monitoring

Andrew Dougherty

Presented by Relabilityweb.com and the Vibration Institute:


This 2-part webinar series will cover a general overview of Motion Amplification®, its use, how it complements other “traditional” condition monitoring (CM) technologies, and what it can provide, measure and visualize. Application examples are used to demonstrate the potential benefits of using these technologies to augment existing and traditional methods.

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Register for Part 1 July 1, Wednesday from 4-5 pm EST

Register for Part 2 July 8, Wednesday from 4-5 pm EST


Hosted by: Robert Sayer – Vibration Institute


Presenter – Jeff Hay – CEO of RDI Technologies


Jeff Hay, PhD, is the founder and CEO of RDI Technologies. He is the inventor and visionary behind Motion Amplification and the Iris M, which allows you to amplify and measure motion with the use of video. Jeff’s products are moving industrial vibration to the visual spectrum. His passion is using his background in applied optical technology to change the way you see machinery and maintenance.



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