What is the maximum distance that I can take a recording?

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Can I take a video through glass with the Iris M system?

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What can I do if my Iris M™ Acquisition software doesn't recognize the camera?

If the software doesn't recognize the camera or if it recognizes the camera as a USB 2.0 then you can try this.

You may want to try the following steps if you are hearing “plin-plon” of USB connection/disconnection from the Surface Book.

One thing you can check is the connection between the two halves of the computer. There is a "Detach Tablet" button in the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard. It is the button just to the left of the "Del" key. Press and hold it until you hear a click. Then, pull up on the screen portion and it will disconnect from the keyboard.

Clean the connectors between the two halves with some alcohol and compressed air. This is a magnetic connection and all of the USB ports run through it. So, we have seen it pick up some debris during use.

If nothing changes you can shut down the software and restart the computer and after it restarts open the software and try again.

How do I get on the Refresher Course notification list?

Please email your request to support@rdi-technologies.com and we will add you to the database. When refresher courses are available, you will be notified of the subject, location and date for all upcoming classes.

Why do some questions have multiple answers?

As we get feedback from our customers, our Development Team implements new or improved features to improve your experience with Motion Amplification®. In these cases, the behavior may be slightly different between versions. In most cases, the original behavior is retained with the newer improved behaviors added. This means less change for existing users while offering improvements to everyone. In cases like this, to show both the new and original behavior, many of the early articles have been updated with a "Version X.X UPDATE" section. 

In some cases, multiple answers are available to solve the same question.

When I begin to record, the Recording Bar below the image begins to turn yellow. Why is this?

The yellow portion of the image is that part of the recording which is still stored in memory and has not been written to the Solid State Disc Drive (SSD) of the Acquisition Device. The entire system, hardware and software, have been optimized to reduce this. However, as the SSD gets full, it becomes harder for the Acquisition Device to efficiently store your recording. Also, if several software programs are running in the background while you are recording video, the computer must multitask between these programs. Each of these slows the performance of your Acquisition Device.

To improve the performance of your computer you can:

  1. Keep your Hard Disc as clean as possible. You may want to have a separate storage Disc Drive for archiving your files.
  2. Close any background programs that are not necessary for recording video

How do I rename files in the Motion Explorer Software?

Renaming Folders, Assets, Collections or Recordings in Motion Explorer is very similar to renaming objects in Windows Explorer. You can either right-click on the item and select "Rename" from the pop-up menu or select the desired item and use the "Rename" ribbon icon from the top of the screen. This icon looks like this in both locations .

See the attached video for examples.

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Can I record video on another camera and use it for Motion Amplification®?

No you cannot. The system is highly optimized for the camera and lenses originally supplied with the Iris M™ system.

I have installed the Motion Amplification®program on a separate computer, but now I need to remove it and install it on another computer. How do I do this?

Please contact RDI Technologies™ directly. If you can provide the "License ID" of your installation, it will help speed up the process. The location of the License ID is shown in the attachment. Our license server needs to be updated to allow the new computer. You will be issued a "Deactivation" for the existing computer and instructions on how to use it. Then, you can reactivate your Motion Amplification® program on another computer.

Why does playback in the Motion Amplification® Software seem slow?

Some of the features that may be running in the background can require computer processing resources. Things like the Orbits and Waveform displays get redrawn in real-time as the video plays. If these background tasks are complex, they can slow down the video playback. Make sure that any background windows are closed if they are not essential to the work you are currently doing.

NOTE - You will lose any ROIs which are currently active if you close the Spectrum Window, but since it is not redrawn during playback, we recommended that you leave the Spectrum Window open.

Version 2.3 UPDATE

You no longer lose the ROI's location when closing all of the measurement windows.

My RDI Technologies™ Software is misbehaving, is there anything I can do?

Sometimes, a setting in the software's configuration files will get stuck, mismatched, or just confused! When this happens, you may see strange behavior in the RDI Suite of programs. One potential solution is to delete the configuration files by following the steps below:

1) Open a File Explorer window

2) Navigate to the "C:" drive by clicking on "This PC" and then "Local Disk (C:)" (Note - your names may not match exactly, but you are looking for the root of the C: drive.

3) In the Search Window in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, type "rdi*cfg" and press enter. (Note - the * symbol is created by pressing SHIFT+8)

4) Wait for the results. It may take as long as 30 seconds, but you should find something similar to what's shown below.

5) Select all of the files and delete them. Depending on the version of Windows you are running, they may go grey or you may not notice any real change at all.

6) Type "rdi*cfg" in the search window again and press ENTER.

7) This time, you should see the "No items match your search" message.

8) Open any of the RDI programs normally. You may be prompted to set your Line Frequency or even measurement type and units again. This is normal and should only appear once.

If this does not correct your problems, please contact RDI Support by using the contact info on the support web page.

My acquisition system (Surface Book computer) will not power on, is there anything I can do?

Typically, you will see the background lights on the keyboard illuminate but there will be nothing on the screen. You can try these steps:

  1. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 30 seconds. The Surface Book should shut down.
  2. Release the ON/OFF button.
  3. Then press and hold the VOLUME+ button (on top of the display next to the ON/OFF button) while also pressing the ON/OFF button for 15 seconds.
  4. A boot screen will appear, click EXIT and Restart.

Please also see these instructions from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4023537/surface-surface-wont-turn-on-or-wake-from-sleep

I get an error from the Acquisition or Motion Amplification® software that the "License is Expired." Is there anything I can do?

This will normally happen after you try to update from one version to another. In that case, if you do not have a current Software Support Agreement with RDI Technologies™, the software will prevent you from running the newer version. The only way to resolve this issue is by uninstalling the newer version of software and reinstalling the original version.

To prevent this, you can check the expiration date of your Software Support Agreement BEFORE you update any software.

The expiration date will be shown on the "Information" screen shown below. To open it, click the "i" inside the blue circle in the upper right-hand corner of any one of the RDI Software applications, highlighted by the green box below. The expiration date will be at the very bottom under "Manage License" as shown in the bottom green box.

Where can I find information about my software license?

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Licensing Errors

Where can I find the details of my software licenses?

Licensing Errors

There are several instances where you may be asked to enter your software license after the system has been running.

First, make sure that the Acquisition System or Analysis Only computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Incorrect Date and/or Time on the Acquisition Device

In some cases, the time on the computer will get out of sync. You may see a message about "The system time is not valid."

The first thing you should check is that the date and time on your computer matches the current date and time. Assuming the computer is behind, adjust the date and time. Do this by right-clicking on the date and time in the system tray and select "Adjust date/time" from the pop-up menu.

Depending on your current settings, you may have to disable the "Set time automatically" button to manually adjust the time. Sometimes, simply changing the "Set time automatically" toggle will actually correct the time.

Close and save the time then try to re-open the RDI Technologies™ Software.

  • License Status Update or General Connection Error

If you are presented with the licensing screen and the License ID is already filled in, check the center bubble for "Refresh my license" and then click "Next." This should reactivate your software.

  • Loss of Credentials Completely

If you are presented with the licensing screen and the License ID is NOT filled in, please try re-entering the License ID and password that was provided with your system. Please see the article, "Where can I find the details of my software licenses?" for how to find your original credentials.

  • Missing License Path

In some cases, the software will display the message "The license could not be saved. Access to the path 'C:ProgramDataRDIRDISystemLicense.lfx' is denied."

There are two solutions available for this:

1) Update to Version or newer by clicking on the "How do I update my Iris M™ software?" link 

2) Create the RDI folder by:

  1. Open a Windows "File Manager" window and navigate to "C:ProgramData". - NOTE this is a Hidden Folder and you will have to select "Show hidden folders" from the "View" Ribbon Menu
  2. You should NOT see an RDI folder in this location
  3. Right-click and select "New folder"
  4. After the folder is created, rename it to "RDI"
  5. Close all open windows
  6. Try opening the RDI software again

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I get an error from the Acquisition or Motion Amplification® software that the "License is Expired." Is there anything I can do?

How do I update or install the software for my Iris M™, Iris MX™, or Iris CM™ System?

Installing new software or updating your existing version will follow the same procedure as described below:


1. Before starting the installation process: Please be aware, your software support must be current. You can check your expiration date by following these instructions. If you have any questions about your software support please email support@rditechnologies.com.

2. Please check the Microsoft BitLocker encryption setting on your computer BEFORE starting this process. If the BitLocker is turned ON and you do NOT have the key, you will lock up your hard drive and lose all of your data!!

Follow these instructions to check and disable the BitLocker if you do not intentionally have it turned on.

3. Click on the following link for the software bundle you are trying to update or install

Software Installation Package for all Iris M, Iris MX, and Iris CM Installations

4. When the download has completed, open the Downloads folder

5. Copy the "MA+v3.2.0+Install.zip” file to a USB device (Optional)

6. Take the USB drive to the RDI Technologies™ Acquisition Device (Optional)

7. Copy the “MA+v3.2.0+Install.zip” file to the desktop of the RDI Acquisition Device (Optional)

8. Right-click on the “MA+v3.2.0+Install.zip” file and select “Extract All…”

NOTE - The extracted files must be on the local computer. You cannot install from the USB drive or a network location.

9. Confirm the default desktop destination by clicking “Next”

10. When extraction is complete, the extracted file location should open automatically

11. Right-click on the “setup.exe” file

12. Left-click on the “Run as administrator” action

13. Files downloaded from the internet will probably display the following caution message:

14. Click on the "More Info" link highlighted in Green below:

15. After you click the More Info link, you will see details about the publisher, it should read "RDI Technologies Inc". The "Run Anyway" button will appear. Click Run Anyway to begin the installation.

16. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the software upgrade or installation


When you are installing the software, you will be presented with the following selection screen (see the attachments for a larger version if needed). You will only need to install the components necessary for the specific installation as described below:

NOTE - The download contains the newest version available. In some cases the version references above may not exactly match the version in the download which will always be the newest version. In any case, the instructions remain the same regardless of the version that you download.

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How do I find the License ID of my Software Installation?

1. Open the “RDI Motion Amplification” program.

2. Click the “Information” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the program.

3. From the Information window, click on the “Key and Silhouette” icon to the left of “Manage License – Green box below.


4. In the “License” window, verify the “License ID” number shown in the orange box below.



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