January 21, 2022

RDI Technologies Inc. Announces VIMS as its Distributor for Denmark

RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies’ Partnership with VIMS as a Distributor is Expanding

RDI Technologies, Inc. (RDI) is announcing that Verified Industrial Maintenance (VIMS) will provide services and distribution for RDI’s Motion Amplification technology in Denmark. 

“VIMS has proven to be a top distributor for RDI due to their focus on customer engagement, their willingness to invest in resources to handle local language requirements, and the team’s unparalleled sense of curiosity into all of the possible applications of Motion Amplification®.  I am excited to have them bring that focus and passion to Denmark!” said John Vigants, Vice President of International Sales.

The expansion allows for RDI’s technology to become more accessible to customers who can implement its products for problem-solving solutions.  VIMS was RDI’s top-performing partner company of 2021, and RDI is excited about this new venture. 

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About VIMS

Our mission is to provide proven solutions for monitoring the condition of machines to detect failures at the stage of damage development. Our activities are to prevent sudden stoppages of machines and entire production lines, as well as reduce the costs associated with the inefficiency of machines. These activities also allow planning the work of maintenance departments for the effective management of human resources.


About RDI Technologies, Inc.

RDI Technologies is pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future because visualization is faster, safer, and makes the complex more simple. The company’s proprietary technology platform powered by Motion Amplification® enables users to see and measure motion that is impossible to see with the human eye and could previously only be measured by contacting sensors. Products combine the power of modern cameras with software to turn what used to be complex charts and graphs into easy-to-understand video data that enables users to quickly and safely solve their toughest problems and communicate the results.



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