September 8, 2021

RDI Technologies Reveals Museum Exhibit

RDI Technologies

Knoxville, Tenn. – September 8, 2021- A gallery exhibit of RDI Technologies’ technology is featured at the American Museum of Science & Energy (AMSE) within its Innovators’ Gallery.  The museum and RDI collaborated to highlight the Iris M™ camera by providing an interactive display. 

“When this was proposed, we were excited,” said RDI’s CEO, Jeff Hay. “It’s an honor to get our technology into a museum of this caliber and that children can come in and engage with the technology.” 

The technology was originally intended to be utilized within the astrology industry. Then it developed into being the early foundation for the company’s work. Now serving over 38 industries, RDI’s camera sensor technology has helped to revolutionize the way the industries see motion.

Jenna Johns, RDI’s Chief Officer of Operations, stated, “Our clients need to ensure that their equipment is running smoothly and can predict any type of failure. RDI’s technology can be applied to any kind of high degree of reliability.”

The AMSE has been in the East Tennessee area since 1996 and shares the achievements within American history that occurred in the ‘Secret City”. The museum also provides a great resource to the education and STEAM community.

About the American Museum of Science & Energy

The American Museum of Science & Energy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation and was chartered in September 1996 to further the cultural, educational, and scientific programs of the American Museum of Science & Energy Museum (AMSE). The Foundation works in cooperation with the Department of Energy. It is responsible for the operations of AMSE and the K-25 History Center, which works to advance the mission of both institutions.

About RDI Technologies, Inc.

RDI Technologies is pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future because visualization is faster, safer, and makes the complex more simple. The company’s proprietary technology platform powered by Motion Amplification® enables users to see and measure motion that is impossible to see with the human eye and could previously only be measured by contacting sensors. RDI’s products combine the power of modern cameras with software to turn what used to be complex charts and graphs into easy-to-understand video data that enables users to quickly and safely solve their toughest problems and communicate the results.



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