July 17, 2019

Motion Amplification® Can Make you a Hero at Home!

RDI Technologies

Motion Amplification® can even help with a ceiling fan? Just ask Tom Sparks, the Advanced Diagnostics Product Manager at Allied Reliability/T.F. Hudgins. After getting certified as an MA Analyst, Tom wondered if the Iris M™ would help him with a ceiling fan that been giving him problems for years. After many attempts to balance the fan, he was at a loss, so the fan got moved to a back room of the house and never used.

Enter the Iris M. A quick look with the Iris M revealed the problem. What seemed like a balance issue turned out to be looseness. The set screw threads on the fan shaft were damaged preventing it from contacting the shaft when it appeared to be tight. All of this was clearly seen Motion Amplification® video.  The set screw was never suspect because it felt normal when tightened. Tom had balanced it and rotated the fan blades all to no avail. Which just confirms something well known; the biggest finds are typically not where you expect them.

Once the problem was identified, the fix was simple. In Tom’s words “The video showed exactly that the problem lay with the screw, which led me to remove it.  After cleaning up the threads, the fan ran steady and true. The wife was very happy.”

Often the cost of issues we find with Motion Amplification® are calculable but other times, they are priceless.

Fan with loose screw with Motion Amplification®

Fan after fixing screw – seen with Motion Amplification®



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