May 20, 2021

Automobiles and the Many Uses for Motion Amplification®

Jenna Johns

Automobiles, like other machines, vibrate when they operate. The motion caused by running a car’s engine creates vibrations that travel throughout the assembly. While not all vibrations can be stopped, unchecked and unnatural vibrations coursing through a car’s engine and body can cause significant damage.

Damage Potential

While vibrations vary in amplitude and frequency, which affects damage potential, waves of motion moving through materials can negatively affect components over time. In addition to general wear on bearings, gears, and other components, vibration analysis and Motion Amplification® technology  can point to common causes of engine vibration.

For example, unnatural engine vibration can result from worn out spark plugs, loose or disconnected hoses, broken motor mounts and transmission mounts, a poorly adjusted fuel intake system, and faulty timing belts.

Checking for vibrations is a process that can occur throughout an automobile’s lifespan, from its manufacturing stages to checking performance to diagnosing problems as they arise. Compared to vibration analysis sensors and more conventional vibration testing equipment, RDI’s Motion Amplification® camera and sensors provide a contactless means of analysis, which offers a more efficient, time-saving method than affixing sensors.

Vibration and Performance

While some engine and body vibration will always be present, vibration produced by an automotive system that is not indicative of a problem or malfunction can still indicate operating inefficiency. So for stock cars, race cars, luxury sports cars, semi-trucks, and other types of automobiles and vehicles that need to maximize efficiency and performance, data gathered from Motion Amplification® vibration analysis can help to determine the placement and use of vibration dampers and the need to make efficiency adjustments.

The global automotive industry and marketplace are highly competitive. Therefore, means of boosting production efficiency will always be sought after. During manufacturing and development stages, vibration analysis equipment that employs Motion Amplification® software and capabilities can speed up and improve production cycles. Because this technology can relay motion and vibration data in real-time, issues with components can be detected early and quickly, avoiding production slow-downs and costly delays.

Comfort Tested

The auto industry is also no stranger to testing regulation. From airbag sensors to instrument panels to fuel injection pumps in the engine, many automobile parts are evaluated as part of vibration analysis. In some instances, vibration tests ensure that critical mechanisms and safety components won’t fail when out on the road. In other cases, testing for vibrations and noise can make a car that much easier on drivers’ ears.

Comfort is no small consideration when it comes to designing and testing automobiles. In fact, automobile design engineers conduct vibration analysis and noise testing to ensure that drivers aren’t rattled by their vehicles and aren’t subjected to the constant din of vibrating pieces. Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) refers to measurement and analysis of the sound and vibration that vehicles produce; minimizing NVH is the goal, and video Motion Amplification® can help.

Consumers expect a comfortable and quiet ride from their vehicles, and NVH plays a significant role in ensuring just that. Motion Amplification® vibration analysis can be used to pinpoint the source of unwanted vibration and noise so that engineers can take steps to quiet their vehicles, such as enhancing car interiors with absorption materials.

RDI’s Motion Amplification® offers unique capabilities to the automotive industry in terms of manufacturing and development and also maintenance and performance. Still not convinced? We’d be happy to share a demo of RDI’s Motion Amplification® technology or to answer any questions you may have by contacting us today.

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