September 3, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Director of Customer Support & Service – Mike Lucas

RDI Technologies

We would like you to get to know some of our key members in the company.  Today we would like you to get to know Mike Lucas. Chances are if […]

We would like you to get to know some of our key members in the company.  Today we would like you to get to know Mike Lucas. Chances are if you called for a support issue you have spoken to Mike. If you haven’t worked with Mike yet, he is the Director, Customer Service & Support. Mike’s job here is to support our customers and does a great job. 

RDI Technologies

Before working at RDI Technologies, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Before working at RDI, I was working for Technology for Energy doing customer service. It was a fun job because it had many facets. I was able to get in on new product development, customer/product support, and training. I was able to work with many different aviation OEMs and see many new aircraft designs. Every day was a little different and the pace was always fast. Since an early age, I’ve had a fascination with aviation, and this allowed me to indulge that fascination.

What do you like most about RDI Technologies?

My favorite part of working at RDI is the people. I get to work with the best in the industry both inside and out. The lessons never end, and it never ceases to amaze me that an entire industry gets excited about things shaking! I have so much fun, it’s hard to remember that this actually works.


Are you messy or organized?

I’m messy in an organized fashion. I always wish I could be more organized and that things would magically just fall into place! Most people think it is because I want to be in control, but really, it’s because I feel unorganized and don’t like to spend a lot of time looking for something or trying to do something over and over.


If you could be anyone from any time period, who would it be and why?

I’ve always felt that I was born a couple of generations too late. I think it would have been extremely challenging to have been a part of “The Greatest Generation.” It probably wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but they set the foundation for so much of what we have today and what I think America stands for. I’m not sure what came first, my fascination in aviation or my interest in World War II. Wherever they overlap, I always dreamt of being a pilot in World War II.


Motto or personal mantra?

Do it today because tomorrow it may be illegal.


What places have you lived in?

Born in Macomb, IL. Moved to Tulsa, OK so my dad could take flying lessons. Moved to Champaign, IL so he could teach flying at the University of Illinois. Moved to the suburbs of Chicago. Moved to Atlanta, GA in search of my first aviation job. Moved to Lafayette, LA because I found my first aviation job! Moved to the suburbs of Houston, TX. Moved to Knoxville, TN so I could meet my future wife.



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