New in Version 3.2

How do I use the Laser Tach to take an "External Sync" recording?

Connect the bayonet connector of the supplied Tach Cable to the bottom output connector on the right side of the Laser Tach:

Then, connect the 8-pin end to the GPIO port on the back of the Iris Camera. This connection is the same for both Monochrome and Color cameras.

Turn the Tach on by pressing the large center power button. The display will become active. Press and hold the large Power/Activate Tach button. The "Laser Active" icon will become visible in the display. While holding, press the Menu/Lock button. The lock icon should appear in the display. The laser is now locked on for use.

In the software, you will want to set your Brightness down as low as possible to obtain a clearer image. This type of recording will benefit from a large amount of supplemental lighting.



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