There have been many great videos that display the power and use of Motion Amplificaiton® this year. To show you our favorites, we compiled this list of the top 10.

10. SSD Beratende Ingenieure ZT-GmbH

Take a look at this close-up shot of guide rolls on a paper machine.



This video shows the orbits of multiple ROIs, giving you a full show of what the Motion Amplification® software can do.


8. Machinery Reliability Solutions cc

This video was taken by Frederic Robinet, owner of Machinery Reliability Solutions cc, after a client noticed that a different reliability company had not balanced the fan properly.



Watch as VIMS shows us different angles and filters of piping along with the waveforms and orbits to back it up.


6. RMS

Craig Smith shows us how a routine inspection can turn into a fascinating Motion Amplification® video and a reliability win.


5. Jeff Hay, CEO of RDI

Taking a step out of the factory, this video shows the displacement and twisting on a pedestrian bridge.


4. RMS

Avoiding camera shake when using the Iris M™ is one of the best ways to ensure a clear shot, but even with a little shake, Motion Amplification® magic can still happen. Watch this video with camera shake that still shows vital vibration issues.



Check out this bump test of a turbine impeller from VIMS!


2, Judd Jones, RDI Northwest Regional Sales Manager

Motion Amplification® doesn’t limit itself to machines and structures. Check out this video of a vibrating toothbrush and the waveform it creates.


1. Motor Doc

If anything can be art, why not Motion Amplification® too? This video of a windmill creates a fascinating optical illusion you’ll want to try yourself.


Happy New Year!

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