New in Version 3.1

Updating Iris M/CM Camera Firmware

1. Download and install SpinView here: https://www.flir.com/support-center/iis/machine-vision/downloads/spinnaker-sdk-and-firmware-download/

2. Once installed, open SpinView and you will see the following screen

3. Connect your camera to your acquisition unit via the USB cable provided. It will take a moment to connect, then you should see your camera's serial number populate at the top:

4. Single click on the camera serial number, highlighting it blue, and this button at the top will populate: 

Click it to open the 'Firmware Update' dialog box:

5. Click 'Browse' and navigate to your install file, likely labeled "MA+v3.1.1+ Install," then open "Iris CM Camera Firmware," then select the file named "gs3-u3-imx174_gs3-u3-23s6-2.35.3-00.ez2," click open, then start. You will receive this message:

Click yes.

6. After a few moments, you will receive a message that the camera has been updated successfully and is waiting to reboot. A timer will count down from 15 seconds to reboot the camera.

7. Once this is complete, close SpinView and re-open it. Click again on the camera serial number, then click the 'Information' tab:

The firmware version should reflect



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