Vision System Designs Magazine recently featured RDI Technologies in an article to tell the story of Motion Amplification®. Read an excerpt below.

“Since 1997, Allied Reliability has provided machinery and equipment maintenance services for several industrial and manufacturing sectors worldwide. Ultimately, according to John Schultz, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, the company sets out to understand as much as possible about machines and components to help improve reliability and efficiency.

“If we can understand how every machine, every component, every part within a manufacturing plant or industrial setting operates and how it can fail and ultimately map test measurement inspections to those failure modes, we can achieve previously unseen levels of operational reliability.”

Schultz and Allied Reliability were among the first adopters of the system developed by RDI Technologies, as CEO and Founder Jeff Hay was brought onto the payroll with Allied Reliability to pioneer the predecessor technology of the Iris M system and expose Hay to as many types of machine trains as possible.”

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