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Knoxville, TN – July 8, 2019

RDI Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in innovating the industrial market with machine vision products, announced today that it will be releasing a software update to all current customers that will expand the use of their Motion Amplification™ software to new applications and make it easier and more robust to use.

Key Features in the 2.5 Software Release 

  • Analysis of Rotating Shafts: Several features related to the analysis of rotating shafts have been added: Shaft inspection recordings, High-density recordings, Shaft turning speed detection, Shaft displacement measurements.
  • Enhanced MP4 Export: MP4 export now lets you specify the resolution format and quality of the video that is produced. Full HD, HD, and SD formats are now supported.
  • Trim Recordings: Motion Amplification™ now supports the ability to trim unwanted content from existing recordings.
  • Relative Phase Calculations: Motion Amplification™ now supports relative phase calculations. Specify a phase reference and frequency of interest and relative phase values will be calculated for all of the displayed waveforms. This will allow the user to not only be able to see that an asset is out of phase, but they can calculate an exact number in order to pinpoint relative motion within the context of an image to more effectively find the fault.
  • Filtering: More efficient filtering options allow users to filter based on amplitude thresholds and isolation of peaks using a graphical interface.
  • Batch Amplification: Users will also be able to apply Motion Amplification™ to entire batches of data, preventing the user from having to wait on the amplification of individual recordings.

“This software upgrade is focused on the user experience. We listened to our customers and implemented their feedback to improve their workflow and expand the types of faults we are able to help them more easily identify,” said Mark Slemp, VP of Software Development.

“RDI’s goal has always been to revolutionize the industrial market using machine vision technology. We truly believe that the camera is the sensor of the future. Winning the 2019 Solutions Award from Reliability Web in Asset Management is a great validation but we don’t plan to stop there. This update will expand our market reach by making our product even easier to use and expanding the type of contacting sensors you can replace with cameras,” said Dr. Jeff Hay, CEO of RDI Technologies.

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