Logos & Taglines

Parent Mark

All RDI Technologies logos should be reproduced consistently and in high image quality. Be sure there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background. On dark backgrounds, the logo should be displayed with the lighter gray to ensure good contrast and readability.

Parent Mark Grid

Maintain proper clearspace, the area that surrounds the logo and maximizes its visual impact. Adequate clearspace ensures the logo is presented with the proper amount of heirarchy and legibilty. It should be free of any other element, including text, graphics, borders, or other logos.



Alternate Marks

These single-color alternate marks may be used when format or production methods require one color or when the contrast of the full-color logo and the background is low.

Technology Marks

All trademarks must be present the first time the word or phrase is listed on a page, except Motion Amplification®, which should be marked for each use. These terms must be used as a proper noun and not a description. For example, "RDI's proprietary Motion Amplification® Software turns millions of pixels in a camera into sensors capable of measuring and visualizing motion within seconds". Do not use "the video is then Motion Amplified" or use Motion Amplification® as a description of what we do. Also, avoid using "Motion" or "Amplified" as descriptors. Use something like the "movement become visible". Motion Amplification® should not be synonymous with a simple description but instead be a brand.