Core Applications

Social Media

RDI utilizes its social media platforms to disseminate information on upcoming events, new features and products, industry news, training, conferences, awards, tutorials and collaborating with users and partners globally. We recommend partners use the various @ features for the specific social media channel to tag RDI Technologies if appropriate so that RDI can share with its followers and promote both parties. This is especially true for videos using the Motion Amplification™ software. RDI Technologies is always interested in partnering on case studies and promotional posts. If you have any questions about our social media channels or wish to partner with us on a promotion please contact Samantha Bunch at


Hashtags searches on Twitter and LinkedIn are the second most common search engines behind Google. Consistent use of the #MotionAmplification hashtag is important for branding and visibillity. The more often users see it, the more likely they are to use it in their social media posts which increases our impression ratio per post. While the hashtags make a post more searchable in social media, they can have a negative effect of looking “spammy.” Most of the 2020 recommendations are that there should be a maximum of five to six hashtags per post . Some of our recommended hashtags include:


Email Signature

Every email that comes from RDI Technologies reflects upon the company. Using one simple, branded email signature helps strengthen RDI Technologies’ visual identity. Follow these guidelines to ensure the best formatting and best usage of your email signature. Do not add anything to the signature file such as quotes or additional graphics.

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