Brand Messaging

Our Message

Create first to market motion and vibration detection products that utilize proprietary camera-based technology and enables customers to visually distill complex data sets so they’re easy to see, understand, and analyze.


Think Big

Be the market leader in every market we enter. When we succeed, our customers prosper.

Heart hand

Customer Centric

Customers come first. If we take care of our customers they will continue to come back. Only if we both succeed are we truly successful.

Brave fist

Be First

Be first to market with all new innovations. Push harder to make a difference for our customers.


Go Beyond

Always go beyond what is expected. When we surprise our customers we create truly memorable experiences.


Seek Simplicity

Seek transparency, make it easy to do business with us, make our customer’s job easier.

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Stay The Course

It’s not easy to do something that has never been done. Making each day successful will separate us from our competitors.