RDI Technologies wants to recognize our customers that are making a difference. We want to hear your stories and share those successes. In the newsletters and on the website, we will be sharing the best stories of how Motion Amplification™ has helped you succeed.

In addition, your stories will help others, like yourself, learn new and different ways to use Motion Amplification™. As a community, we can help each other be more successful in our positions and have some fun doing it.

At the end of each year, we will be announcing the top 15 stories of the year, three from each category. Then the winner for each category will be awarded the Motion Amplification Video Awards™ of the year.

Here are the categories:

  1. Plant Operators – We are looking for the stories of the individuals that work to keep their companies up and running all the time.
  2. Service Companies – This is for those companies that are in and out of different facilities serving their clients.
  3. International – Is your company outside the US and Canada? This category is for you.
  4. Non-rotating Equipment – We are looking for something other than pumps, motors, etc. In this category, we are looking for structures, piping, bridges, cranes, electrical, mechanical arm, etc.
  5. Most Unique – Have you wondered what a race car, a deer, Golden Gate Bridge, a plane before take-off, a stadium full of people, looks like under Motion Amplification™? So do we! We are looking for the most unique video of the year.

Entering is simple! We want to hear about how your Iris M™ or MX™ helped you succeed in solving an issue. Tell us about your story by filling out this quick entry form. We want to:

  1. Know the issue
  2. What were the results, and
  3. See the video

Here is the link to the entry form: https://rditechnologies.com/contest-entry-form/

*Simply drag your video to the Dropbox Folder and it will be reviewed by the team

The winners will be recognized in a newsletter, receive an award plaque, and get either one free training session or free annual maintenance for their system.