A Picture is Worth a 1,000 words but RDI’s Motion Amplification™ videos are worth 2.3 million sensors

Could RDI’s Motion Amplification™ software help you add to the bottom line? Poor communication has cost on average $62.4 million per year in lost productivity, according to a Holmes report. In addition, poor communication is one of the top 3 reasons why employees do not like their jobs.

Pictures are one of the most effective ways to communicate. Our brains process pictures in millionths of a second. That’s fast! A post on social media that contains a picture is 10x more likely to receive engagement (BMC). If pictures have proven to be so valuable imagine what data-rich video can do for your organization.

When using the Iris M™ or MX powered by Motion Amplification™, you can produce a video that turns 2.3 million pixels in that camera into 2.3 million virtual sensors. In an instant, you can see the fault and easily communicate to everyone within the organization what the fault is. The fault and repair will mean something different to each person in the communication chain but there is no need to weave a different story to each person, just show them the video. When looking at the video you may see a base moving, engineering sees structural issues, the safety inspector sees a hazard, management sees potential lost revenue from downtime, but everyone sees the problem and the end result is the same: Just fix it.